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Labor and employment disputes can undermine your goals and your entity’s reputation. When you partner with me, attorney Rick Stewart, I make it my mission to limit the impact workplace disputes can have on your bottom line and your long-term goals.

Hold Your Costs And Conserve Your Resources Through Intentional And Proactive Advocacy

Every minute matters. This is a universal truth whether you are running your own business or are managing public sector employees. Unfortunately, even a straightforward legal dispute can force you to divert energy from what you do best: managing your business and/or providing services to the public.

While it is not always possible to avoid labor and employment law problems, you can take steps to minimize the likelihood of a conflict. Working closely with a dedicated labor and employment law attorney before issues become problems can help you make smart choices that protect your bottom-line and limit bad publicity. Proactive representation and advocacy are essential.

I am attorney Rick Stewart, and I am here to serve as your trusted adviser, advocate, and attorney. Allow me to take your legal burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on your achieving your goals.

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Public and private sector employers have relied on me to help them resolve complex problems involving employee discipline, labor relations, workplace disputes, and other challenging issues. I have represented countless clients in administrative hearings, arbitration, court, and other venues.

I always want to secure favorable outcomes for clients in these matters. However, legal proceedings can be lengthy, expensive, and emotionally exhausting. While I am always prepared to litigate on behalf of my clients, I always encourage them to take a more proactive role in mitigating liabilities.

I am here to serve as more than just your lawyer. I want to serve as a trusted legal strategist responsible for creating practical approaches that help compliance, reduce workplace friction, and encourage cost-effective operations. I have developed long-term professional relationships with many respected public and private institutions here in Illinois and throughout the country. Contact me to learn how I can alleviate your concerns and improve your future options.

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The attorney you choose can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Before you retain legal counsel, you owe it yourself to learn about your attorney’s background and philosophy. I invite you to discover more about my qualifications and commitment to providing high-quality services by clicking on the button below. 

Photo of Rick Stewart
Photo of Rick Stewart

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